Report Abuse or Infringement

How to report an Abuse or Infringement ?

In case of any abuse of platform or infringement, you can reach out to Help and Support section of the App and call us or write to us.

What constitutes an Abuse :

Abuse of the platform may constitute , either one or many of the below scenarios :

  1. Usage of the platform to conduct illegal trade activity against the law of the land.
  2. Usage of the platform to discriminate against any race, gender, caste, creed or religion.
  3. Usage of the platform to spread rumours or hate.
  4. Usage of the platform to indulge in unfair trade practices.
  5. Usage of the platform to intentionally cause financial, reputational, emotional or any other kind of damage to an individual or organization.
  6. Usage of the platform for wilful ordering and returns.

What constitutes an infringement :

At RapidBox, we respect the intellectual property rights of individuals an organizations. In case any of our listed products infringe on the IP rights of any organization, you are requested to report such incidences to us through the help and support section of the App. Any listing that has been intentionally created by registered and authorized selling partner that is in violation of a registered IP would be taken down upon receipt of such notification along with supporting proof of IP.

What information is needed while reporting an abuse or infringement ?

To initiate a primary action which involves temporary deactivation of such listings, we will need basic information including the link or image of such listing and a statement from you as to why do you believe in good faith that it is an abuse or infringement.

In case of infringement reporting, Within 2 days of temporary suspension, we will need documented proof of such infringement.