Return Policy:

How long is the Return Period ?

The Return Period is 10 Calendar days from the date of order delivery. For example, if the product was delivered on Day X, return request can be placed within X+10 Days.

Are Partial Returns Allowed ?

We understand that, in some unavoidable circumstances , you may not like the product quality for a part of the order delivered. Hence we allow partial returns.

How do I place return request ?

If you want to place a return request within 10 days of the product being delivered, you can go to the Orders tab on the top left hand side Menubar on home page and select the order that you want to return. Within that , select the SKU you want to return and place a return request. Alternatively you can also directly call our customer support in the Help and Support tab on left hand side of App Menu.

When and how will the refund be processed

Upon receipt of the product by us in unused condition, we will authorize a refund directly into your account. We will need a valid bank account detail (Account holder name, Bank and IFSC Code to initiate refund process). You can also email us a cancelled cheque to our support mail id and we will refund basis that.

Do I need to send the goods back myself or will you arrange pick-up ?

We will arrange for a pick up by our logistics team when you place a return request. Rest assured, our goal is to provide seamless service and best quality products at amazing wholesale prices to you.

What about quality related returns after 10 days period ?

If there is a manufacturing defect, we will arrange for a site visit to verify the same. In such cases, we will provide a replacement. However, it is solely to the description of our inspection team to verify such claims. For Warrantied product, under warranty, we will accept the return on a no questions asked basis within warranty from the date of product delivery.

Do you provide exchange of products ?

Yes. We provide exchange. While placing the return request, you can see the option of exchanging size.

What are the circumstances under which return refund request can be rejected ?

Following are the reasons which can cause a return request rejection:

  1. Wilful Orders and Returns : In case a customer, repeatedly places orders and return request, we will suspend such accounts and reject return request.
  2. Products without primary packaging : Products would only be accepted if they are in saleable condition. It should have primary packaging therefore as was available during the delivery of the product.

How do I need to keep the products ready for return ?

  • Just keep them pre-segregated with primary packaging intact.